Life is unfair. God is good. People deeply desire connection and love.

I am:

A follower of Christ

A Texan

A family man, married since 1987

A proud father of two daughters and one son-in-law

A survivor of Burkitt’s Lymphoma from 2008

A man with his heart broken over a second diagnosis of Burkitt’s Lymphoma in 2014

Blessed with the best family and friends

An amateur photographer

RN since 1990, working mostly in NICU and dialysis

I love life!

contact me at walkingthroughthistogether@yahoo.com

If you want to read an emotional story of my cancer battle
for 8 months in 2008 (same cancer),
google from any computer the following:

Robert Baxter Lymphoma.

It is kept on the
Burkitts Lymphoma Society web page at

10 Responses to About

  1. theywhoseek says:

    My prayers are with you as you walk through this journey . . . again . . . may the Lord be a constant source of comfort and strength for you and your family. ~ Blessings ~


  2. Heidi Howe says:

    Hey I was wondering how are you doing? Hope things are better for you!


  3. Sara Prior says:

    Hello, Robert. I’m glad that things seem to be looking up for you. My background is in medical research sub specializing in cancer research. I find stories like yours to be very inspiring, and they remind of why I do what I do as it is easy to lose the human connection when you are just looking at cells under a microscope. I wish you a bright and healthy future.


    • Robert says:

      I am touched by your words. Thank you for reaching out. I sent you a friend request on Facebook.


      • Sara Prior says:

        Accepted ^_^ I’ve dabbled a bit with vlogging in the past and will probably start up again once I find a job (I recently moved to Canada). My YouTube handle is Darthkat6, if you are interested there a few lab related videos on there from when I was a grad student and also some stuff about how I met my husband (who is also named Robert ). I also would like to thank you…recently I had been considering leaving science altogether (feeling discouraged in the job hunt, mainly), but your story reminded me why I chose medical research in the first place and the importance of using our gifts to make whatever difference we can in this world.


      • I have to say I’m a bit slow at times Sara. I just saw this response you made on May 10th. It is now September 27th.

        Your words are touching to me. The fact you feel encouraged to keep trying is one of the very core reasons I do what I do. I have to admit, many times I wonder (and my mind plays tricks on me) about ‘maybe I’m doing this for selfish reasons and nothing otherwise comes out of it.’ Your words go to show that people matter, words matter, testimonies matter, and perhaps in a small way, what I’m doing matters. We can all ‘be there’ for one another, even if in the smallest of capacities, in ways that help each other to get up and press through another day.

        Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with me.


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