Brothers in the Battle

You don’t have to have met someone to feel a connection. Pen pals in the past, using the time tested snail mail, were able to sense a camaraderie and feel connected. Men who never knew each other one day, could feel a sense of bonds unshakable when in a trench during WW2.

The Burkitt’s Lymphoma Society has a private page for support. In this private page, we get down to the nitty gritty of dealing with cancer. It isn’t fun many times, other moments we rejoice at victories. Lots of information and support is shared.

In this video, I share how two families and their son’s have been as a brother in the battle against burkitt’s Lymphoma to myself. One impacted me strongly to continue making videos, the other helped me to get my lump in my neck checked out immediately.

Here’s the link to the video:

In other news, I’m on day -5 (minus 5) of my stem cell transplant. Counting down to day zero when I will get my stem cells back. I’m getting chemo that is anywhere from 2x to 4x as strong as what I was receiving just a few months ago. I have fairly well over all, but have had some nausea and headaches. Hope it doesn’t get any worse.

The food at this hospital is impressive. I thought I might lose weight during this procedure, but I’m starting to think I’ll put on weight.

About Robert I Baxter

Greatest Commandment is #1. Follower of Jesus, husband, father, RN, love photography, cancer survivor of Burkitt's twice (2008 & 2014). Stem Cell transplant November 2014. Work in a neonatal ICU.
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