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Life Just Cant’ Get Any Weirder For Me

What to do about a high ferritin level? How about a good old fashioned blood letting! Seriously…! Then I’ll hit the Roman Vomitorium for good measure… Continue reading

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Are YOU Ready?

Here it is, the great secret revealed. Yes, oh yes, it is time for more…(watch the video!) Continue reading

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Just Over the Horizon

For those of you who have followed my writings for a while, or who have joined recently and caught up with past posts, I want to say that there is a special occasion about to happen. You see this face, … Continue reading

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Dad’s Answering Machine Speech

Today is dad’s 83rd birthday. Want to hear dad’s answering machine speech? Continue reading

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Dodged a Bullet

“We need to talk, we found a possible tumor.” Nothing can prepare one for such news… Continue reading

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