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Can You Help?

I have been treated generously in my time of need. Would you consider helping? Continue reading

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Dad’s Answering Machine Speech

Today is dad’s 83rd birthday. Want to hear dad’s answering machine speech? Continue reading

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Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner

If you’re like me and many people, I have fond memories of growing up with Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner. I could go on with well know¬†recollections¬†about their shenanigans on movie and TV, but I think those that know what … Continue reading

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Heard in the breakroom

So I am sitting at work eating my lunch. The lively conversation is bantering about the room at a furious pace.  One of the statements thrown about in an exasperated moment was: “You can’t rub crazy off the rock!” Our … Continue reading

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Olympic Love

I love the summer olympics. No explanation necessary. That is all. 

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Two years later

Two years after I wrote a blog post titled Pain, Love, and acceptance, I find myself ironically in a similar place emotionally. Click this link to read of my emotional state right now. I’ll repost it rather than type out the same … Continue reading

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Zoe Meme #91: Evoke

Last year, Zoe broke her leg. This is when we took Zoe poodle to get her consult for a surgery. She evoked many emotions!

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Zoe Meme #86: Addiction

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Zoe Meme #83: Rough Cut

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Zoe Meme #82: Thoughtful

I think she was pondering the meaning of life and when she will receive her next nibble of cheese!

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