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Andrew Vasek Memorial Scholarship 2017 Recipient Presentation

This is a short video showing the 2017 Andrew Vasek Memorial Scholarship award presentations. Also serves as a reminder of why we exist. Less than 3 minutes long, you will enjoy this video! Continue reading

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NICU dad: Jimmy Kimmel

I don’t anything about Jimmy except that he is some guy on TV. I don’t know his background, his beliefs, or really much of anything about him.

But I can tell you this much, he sure was touched by the very people that do a similar type of job to what I’ve done for years: the neonatal ICU. Continue reading

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Dodged a Bullet

“We need to talk, we found a possible tumor.” Nothing can prepare one for such news… Continue reading

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Pure Class

Tony Romo has earned my respect. This is six minutes of pure class. Listen all the way to the end about two battles, so true.  Tony, I salute you brother.  Click this link to watch the video

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How Michael Phelps Overcame Personal Demons

I read a great commentary from today. This is a must read. Click here to read about how Michael Phelps overcame his personal demons that has led to his superior performance at the 2016 Rio Olympics. You will be glad you … Continue reading

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Two years later

Two years after I wrote a blog post titled Pain, Love, and acceptance, I find myself ironically in a similar place emotionally. Click this link to read of my emotional state right now. I’ll repost it rather than type out the same … Continue reading

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Superhero Micah is Healed

Please pray for his family in their time of grief

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Zoe Meme #91: Evoke

Last year, Zoe broke her leg. This is when we took Zoe poodle to get her consult for a surgery. She evoked many emotions!

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Zoe Meme #80: Empathy

I got a call this week from a lifelong friend who broke his leg, requiring screws and plates.  Zoe broke her front leg (common for toy poodles) in 2015, resulting in a surgery, screws, and a plate.  She asked me … Continue reading

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I wish you could be here

I was going through iTunes trying to download some Johnny Cash. Saw all the usual not-known-to-me artists sliding across the top of iTunes main page. For some reason, one artist was not like the rest. Decided to see who he … Continue reading

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