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NICU dad: Jimmy Kimmel

I don’t anything about Jimmy except that he is some guy on TV. I don’t know his background, his beliefs, or really much of anything about him.

But I can tell you this much, he sure was touched by the very people that do a similar type of job to what I’ve done for years: the neonatal ICU. Continue reading

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Dodged a Bullet

“We need to talk, we found a possible tumor.” Nothing can prepare one for such news… Continue reading

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Zoe Meme #80: Empathy

I got a call this week from a lifelong friend who broke his leg, requiring screws and plates.  Zoe broke her front leg (common for toy poodles) in 2015, resulting in a surgery, screws, and a plate.  She asked me … Continue reading

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Zoe Meme #50: Kangaroo Care

Zoe Meme #50: Kangaroo Care!
Fur to skin holding for a true baby Continue reading

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