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Chewing Ice

Today is day -2. I will receive my final dose of chemotherapy, it is called melphalan. I am on a seven day countdown, with day zero being the day I receive my stem cells back into my body. Melphalan usually … Continue reading

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Feeling Human

I slept last night the entire night. That felt really good. I feel almost human again. That is all!

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Brothers in the Battle

You don’t have to have met someone to feel a connection. Pen pals in the past, using the time tested snail mail, were able to sense a camaraderie and feel connected. Men who never knew each other one day, could … Continue reading

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The other side of “B”

I am slowly waking up now. The BCNU chemotherapy was infused over one hour. It did not take long to put me to sleep. That is because it is suspended and alcohol. I slept from about 10:45 until approximately 1:15. … Continue reading

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“B” of BEAM

Hi all, I had a good night with one exception. I received benadryl IV. Never had an issue with it in the past. Had a “paradoxical” reaction. That was about 11pm last night. The hair on my arms is still … Continue reading

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