Zoe Meme #112: PURPOSE

This cat, I tell ya, she is just something else. I kick my house shoes off and next thing I know, she is making sure antigravity doesn’t take off with the one shoe. Her response time to finding my shoes is about as good as zip zip Zoe when she hears the cheese bag open in the human’s magical kitchen.

Know what else will make this fat lazy rotten cat move quickly? Tuna!! <- click on that link to see this fat cat loving on her tuna.

Callie boo Cuddles de Cinco has truly found her purpose in life: stinky shoes. She simply MUST find every pair of shoes and claim them as her own. She is so rotten!


About Robert I Baxter

Greatest Commandment is #1. Follower of Jesus, husband, father, RN, love photography, cancer survivor of Burkitt's twice (2008 & 2014). Stem Cell transplant November 2014. Work in a neonatal ICU.
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