“Cancer Mom”

From time to time, I will share another persons post that moves me. Blogging allows this with the re-post option. This is a re-post from Kim, a cancer mom. Insightful, emotional to read. Please pray.

So things have been pretty crazy here! I just made my TV debut and I’m pretty famous now, so not sure how often I’ll get to blog since I’m a celeb. Haha, jk.


About Robert I Baxter

Greatest Commandment is #1. Follower of Jesus, husband, father, RN, love photography, cancer survivor of Burkitt's twice (2008 & 2014). Stem Cell transplant November 2014. Work in a neonatal ICU.
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1 Response to “Cancer Mom”

  1. Frances Johnson says:

    Wow Robert,that blog from the young mom,very sad yet funny,what kind of cancer? I guess you’re never just a cancer patient,you’re still a person just like before,funny or not,grumpy or not,helpful or not! When I read Christopher Reeves book years ago Still Me ,it was a revelation.He wanted the plug pulling at first but realised his wife & kid,and two older kids from previous relationship,didn’t want that at all.He was wonderful in interviews w BWalters,but in the book he talked about catheters & UTIs & bowel evacuations,a difficult situation for an athlete & famous person. Also Montel Williams w MS,once was so distressed by syptoms(feet feel burning) that he was in a closet w a gun in his mouth,but thought of his son & couldn’t do it. Heard two grim cancer stories yesterday,hope they overcome the doom & gloom like you did & my friend,Sally w esophageal & colon cancer. At lunch w two friends(one Irish nurse at Harris,one friend from here ) heard about a PCT 22yrs old some knee or hip pain,saw doc being given pain med no real significant diagnosis,falls breaks tib & fib & still has original pain,they almost sent her home,did more tests,lots of cancer in bones,liver original site breast!!!!! with no signs of that . Shocking.Then my NP friend Diane in ER,Baylor Dallas or Grapevine(forget) a pulmonary doc there was treating himself for a few months for reflux,no improvement,goes to a GI guy who adds a few other meds after 8 months he’s finally having difficulty swallowing,stage 4 esophageal cancer,52 has a 9yr old. Recently Sue had a fever for 2 weeks & has some thyroid nodules so will have surgery & be off maybe 6 weeks.Vicki Hilburn doing better(had long ter nausea after back surgery almost 2 weeks ago.we’re going to dinner tonight) So that’s the health news in the Metroplex. Can recommend that Helen Mirren movie 100 feet,very family oriented and quite funny. I work MT Th this week,let me know Room number on 14th. & any requests for coffee or trail mix will be honored promptly. I leave for England 21st. All for now,see you Fri or Sat or Sun next weekend. love,Frances

    Frances H. Johnson


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