Sister and heading home

My sister Nora is up for a visit. Glad to see her. Haven’t seen her since the family gathering in Granbury.

I should be discharged tomorrow, Sunday. Will get a ride home from Nora. She’s going to help me transition back to home life for a few days and take care of me. Janice is taking a much needed quiet break this weekend to achieve a few personal goals.

Health wise, doing ok. Almost finished with RICE round #2. I anticipate about 5-7 days of feeling only slightly yucky. The nadir will kick in about 7 days after discharge and that is when I will feel really bad.

Thank you for your prayers and communications. Means a lot to me.

I’d like to hear from others who have experienced nadir’s personally or witnessed their loved ones go through a nadir. What was it like for you to see or experience? How many days did the nadir last? What were the symptoms?

Leave your responses in the comments section of this blog so we can all learn from each other.

Looking forward to seeing the Mathis family this week. We have a special bond going back many years. This is a pic from their last visit:

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Greatest Commandment is #1. Follower of Jesus, husband, father, RN, love photography, cancer survivor of Burkitt's twice (2008 & 2014). Stem Cell transplant November 2014. Work in a neonatal ICU.
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