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Zoe Meme #117: Memorial Day 2017

In reflection upon the men and women who died serving our country, Zoe Memes will set aside all silliness and levity. May God bless all who risk their lives serving our country. Today, we honor those who gave all.

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Day +5

The next few days should prove to be interesting. I was told day +6 through day +12 are some of the hardest due to engraftment. Engraftment is where the stem cells take up residence where they belong (bone marrow) and start populating and regrowing (it has been dead now for a few days). Continue reading

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My New Birthday: Day Zero

I am told there will be 7 bags of approximately 50 mls of stem cells. The color will be red, but that is from pieces of red blood cells. They will arrive in a freezer, packed in DMSO (preservative), and extremely frozen (their words).
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