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One Week at Home

I was forewarned the first 100 days at home would be spent wondering if I’m human (my paraphrase). I have been sharing with others I feel half human when resting, which is 99.9% of the time. Once I am up … Continue reading

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My New Birthday: Day Zero

I am told there will be 7 bags of approximately 50 mls of stem cells. The color will be red, but that is from pieces of red blood cells. They will arrive in a freezer, packed in DMSO (preservative), and extremely frozen (their words).
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Feeling Human

I slept last night the entire night. That felt really good. I feel almost human again. That is all!

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General Update 9.25.14

I have a question I’ll throw out to all of you: “have you or anyone you know personally radically changed their work life after chemo and cancer?” I’m reassessing priorities. Common thing to do in situations like mine. I have this deep unction to want to come out of this and “start over fresh.”
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