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Good and Tired

Having a nice Christmas season. Things are still improving slowly. I’ve noticed I’m not as strong as I think. I went to two grocery stores today, not long trips. Made some sausage and sauerkraut. Turned out yummy. Home run. Then … Continue reading

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One Week at Home

I was forewarned the first 100 days at home would be spent wondering if I’m human (my paraphrase). I have been sharing with others I feel half human when resting, which is 99.9% of the time. Once I am up … Continue reading

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My New Birthday: Day Zero

I am told there will be 7 bags of approximately 50 mls of stem cells. The color will be red, but that is from pieces of red blood cells. They will arrive in a freezer, packed in DMSO (preservative), and extremely frozen (their words).
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Feeling Human

I slept last night the entire night. That felt really good. I feel almost human again. That is all!

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Highway 114

Janice and I woke at 5am. We headed out through the rain and traffic to brave 114 to Dallas. Highway 114 is special. Especially bad. It is one of the worst drives I’ve done through any metroplex so far. Continue reading

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No More Chemo!

I’m first going to get something off my chest: I have the worst insurance you can imagine. This is an ongoing problem and it has manifested its ugly head once again. I have to say, my insurance company sucks and … Continue reading

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General Update 9.25.14

I have a question I’ll throw out to all of you: “have you or anyone you know personally radically changed their work life after chemo and cancer?” I’m reassessing priorities. Common thing to do in situations like mine. I have this deep unction to want to come out of this and “start over fresh.”
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Let’s Continue!

I am going to my oncologists office in a couple of hours. Will find out how my blood values are doing. Specifically, how my red blood cell count and platelet count is doing. I anticipate both rising enough to start another round of chemo today. Continue reading

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