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The Common Cold

They determined quickly that I did NOT have pneumonia. You ready for that? After having two doctors diagnose me with pneumonia and operating under that premise for almost two weeks, it was a surprise. I suppose that is what happens when the secretions are actually tested. Continue reading

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Cramping, My Style

As I went to check out at the pharmacy, the clean cement floor of the pharmacy was speaking to me for some odd reason. Strange the things that cross the mind of a tired chemo warrior. I couldn’t help but notice the display of Royal Dansk cookies calling my name. Maybe the fetal position, spooned up with a tin of these cookies right in the midst of a modern pharmacy, might fix all problems right now.
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My 2008 journey through Burkitt’s lymphoma resulted in many changes to my body. One of these changes is hypogammaglobulinemia. Big fancy word to say I don’t produce IgG, an immunoglublin necessary to fight infection. I receive 40 grams of IgG … Continue reading

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